About us

How it all started

The Minerva TT Register was founded in 1997. The aim was – and still is – to gather as much information regarding the Minerva Tout Terrain. And this for both its’ military period and civil one. Mr F.Van de Plas, ex-president and founder all started this back in the late 90’s together with a couple of enthousiasts.

When the Register was formed there wasn’t really a guideline except the gathering of information. All was done in a very relaxed atmosphere and although the registering of vehicles and their chassisnumbers was pretty well taken care of in the beginning, this slowly faded. Mostly due to people organizing events and getting to know one another. Back then there were plenty of military clubs in Belgium. The Register was new in this, as it had a different approach and filled the gap for people who just wanted to know more about the Tout Terrain and its’ history.

Happy to fill the gap, roadbooks were planned and driven, gatherings and events were organized. At the very beginning the 3 monthly magazine was edited by F. Van de Plas. After some years this became almost impossible due to the increase in members so it was decided to recruit an editor. There was more demand for articles and general info and work as president took more time and effort than before. Not long after a website was created and a clubshop. Minerva related items and gadgets were sold (and still are being sold) in here to have a bit of extra support for the ‘club’.

When the Register was founded there were 5 to 6 people involved.

Today, we are a club with more or less 200 likeminded individuals who are spread around the world. We really are proud to have members from Texas to New Zealand. Quite an achievement for such a little Belgian car in this 21st century.

Meanwhile the Register has a board and it was decided to divide Belgian into regions so each region has the ability to organize something without people needing to cross the whole of Belgium. (Our country seems to be vast and wide when you’re travelling at an average speed of 40mph..)  Therefore several regional coordinators were appointed.

The registering of the still existing Minervas  was put back on rails, but to this day still isn’t evident. National law to privacy makes it difficult and sometimes prohibites to have good results. Same goes for the history as a whole regarding the Minerva Tout Terrain. There’s still a lot we don’t know and it’s because of volunteers and people’s interest we are able to discover more about this Belgian piece of heritage. Many thanks to all those who have assisted in this search during the past years and years to come.

Yves, President

Sleuteldag 30/03/2019 Regio Noord